us part 15 transmitter coverage range

February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

i paid about $195 for a 0-5 watts us fm transmitter with a 1/4 wave antenna. after hooking up my laptop, dj mixer/mic i range 3-5 miles of coverage with the antenna being 30feet. then i connected a bnc to f type adapter to an ex radio station’s 1/4 antenna (70feet) and my range was 8 – 10 miles. to bad i can’t stay on the air!!!! really: should this be as if i am using a multiple (3) transmitter set up broadcasting from my main (master) transmitter. (1) part 15 us transmitter/antenna sold in a set (30ft pole) covering a 3-6 mile city. verses a (3) part 15 us transmitters covering a 8-10 mile city. FCC NEED TO UPDATE, GRANT PART 15 US TRANSMITTER COVERAGE 1-6 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!